Office Buildings

Unlocking Sustainability: Smart Access in the Coworking Space

Smart building technologies, including modern access control systems, are transforming coworking spaces by advancing sustainability initiatives and offering new ways to create and operate efficient working spaces. Learn more about the benefits of eco-friendly practices, from reducing carbon emissions to cutting operating costs, and discover 
how choosing the right partners can amplify your green efforts.

Healthcare Facilities

Watch on-demand: Key Trends in the Healthcare Facilities Market for 2024-2025

Join the Building Design+Construction editorial team for this on-demand webinar on key trends, innovations, and opportunities in the $65 billion U.S. healthcare buildings market. A panel of healthcare design and construction experts present their latest projects, trends, innovations, opportunities, and data/research on key healthcare facilities sub-sectors. A 2024-2025 U.S. healthcare facilities market outlook is also presented.



When it comes down to it, all buildings have things in common: the need for great design, engineering, construction, and management, when the structure is completed. Harmonizing those elements is a skill that translates to any building project you might have on your hands.