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K-12 Schools

Average age of U.S. school buildings is just under 50 years

The average age of a main instructional school building in the United States is 49 years, according to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). About 38% of schools were built before 1970. Roughly half of the schools surveyed have undergone a major building renovation or addition.

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Building Team | Oct 28, 2015

Steven R. Zirkel named president of Metl-Span

Metl-Span announced that Steven R. Zirkel has joined the company as the new president. Metl-Span is an industry leader in providing insulated metal panel products for increasing usage in institutional, commercial, industrial and cold storage markets.

BIM and Information Technology | Sep 14, 2015

Is Apple's new iPad Pro a game changer for architects?

A stylus, split screen, and improved graphics make designing on the tablet easier.

Building Team | Steven Burns | Aug 25, 2015

9 characteristics that distinguish leading A/E firms

By analyzing the “benchmark firms” selected from its annual surveys, PSMJ has identified several characteristics that distinguish top performers

Office Buildings | Aug 24, 2015

British company OpenDesk offers open-sourced office furniture

Offices can “download” their furniture to be made locally, anywhere.

BIM and Information Technology | Sasha Reed | Aug 20, 2015

Part II - Will BIM Work as a Deliverable? A Legal Perspective on BIM

Having the right counsel on your team can be the difference between long drawn-out negotiations and breaking new ground to meet the owner’s needs.

Building Team | Steven Burns | Aug 20, 2015

Understanding the values and aspirations of millennials

A recent LinkedIn workplace survey revealed that millennials (defined as individuals aged 18–24) are quite different from boomers (those aged 55–65)

BIM and Information Technology | Aug 17, 2015

Reimagined cursors can change digital imaging

A University of Montreal professor has developed a system that elevates 2D cursors for a 3D world.

Building Team | Aug 17, 2015

One female contractor gets vocal about urging women to consider construction as a career

Doreen DiPolito of Florida’s D-Mar General Contracting thinks opportunities abound in an industry struggling with worker shortages.

Building Team | Steven Burns | Aug 11, 2015

How to improve project planning

A recent research project revealed that more than 75 percent of project owners have no consistent method for assessing project risks and setting budget contingencies. 

Retail Centers | Jul 27, 2015

Fish-shaped shopping mall designed for odd plot of land in China

The mall, in Qinshui, a city in China’s Shanxi province, will fit within the 250x30-meter dimensions surrounded by parallel roads and two converging rivers. 

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