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K-12 Schools

Average age of U.S. school buildings is just under 50 years

The average age of a main instructional school building in the United States is 49 years, according to a survey by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). About 38% of schools were built before 1970. Roughly half of the schools surveyed have undergone a major building renovation or addition.

MFPRO+ Research

New download: BD+C's 2023 Multifamily Amenities report

New research from Building Design+Construction and Multifamily Pro+ highlights the 127 top amenities that developers, property owners, architects, contractors, and builders are providing in today’s apartment, condominium, student housing, and senior living communities.

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Great Solutions | Aug 23, 2016

11 great solutions for the commercial construction market

A roll-up emergency department, next-gen telemedicine center, and biophilic cooling pods are among the AEC industry’s clever ideas and novel innovations for 2016.

Building Team | Aug 4, 2016

Thought leaders from architecture, engineering and construction to meet at 2016 Bluebeam eXtreme Conference

Bluebeam users inspire technological change through shared insights and training at three-day event.

Building Team | Jul 11, 2016

Design-assist: The way to really fly [AIA course]

Experts explain the benefits of DA, a process where the subcontractors are retained to assist other Building Team members in the development of a design. Earn 1.0 AIA CES learning units by reading and taking the exam.

Building Team | Jul 11, 2016

Addressing client concerns about design-assist

Common concerns about DA include lack of familiarity, obtaining competitive pricing, and design liability.

Building Team | Sasha Reed | Jul 11, 2016

Construction Disruption at AECX: Technology, hackathons and the promise of change in LA

The lead up to AECX featured a discussion providing insight into the current state of the AEC technological revolution by exploring opportunities, challenges and choices AEC pros face.  

Codes and Standards | Jun 17, 2016

Feds publish framework for evaluating public-private partnerships

No single factor determines whether a project yields stronger benefit as a P3.


Movers+Shapers | Jun 14, 2016

VERTICAL INTEGRATOR: How Brooklyn’s Alloy LLC evolved from an architecture firm into a full-fledged development company

Led by an ambitious President and a CEO with deep pockets, Alloy LLC's six entities control the entire development process: real estate development, design, construction, brokerage, property management, and community development.

Office Buildings | HDR | Jun 14, 2016

Let's not forget introverts when it comes to workplace design

Recent design trends favor extroverts who enjoy collaboration. HDR's Lynn Mignola says that designers need to accommodate introverts, people who recharge with solitude, as well.

Building Team | Jun 13, 2016

BD+C launches Women in Design+Construction Conference

Inaugural 2.5-day event will convene 125+ leading AEC women in Dana Point, Calif., November 9-11, for professional development, networking, and career training.


Building Team | Whitehorn Financial Group | Jun 2, 2016

Managing risk when building in challenging locations

AEC firms recognize the upsides of exploring new, emerging markets. Whitehorn Financial's Steve Whitehorn offers four principles that can help guide you to success.

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