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Urban Planning

Popular Denver e-bike voucher program aids carbon reduction goals

Denver’s e-bike voucher program that helps citizens pay for e-bikes, a component of the city’s carbon reduction plan, has proven extremely popular with residents. Earlier this year, Denver’s effort to get residents to swap some motor vehicle trips for bike trips ran out of vouchers in less than 10 minutes after the program opened to online applications.

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Building Team | Doug Clark | May 8, 2017

The builder is the building: Finding the right builder

The most important factor in making sure the where, when, what, and how go smoothly is making sure you pick the right who.

Architects | Rider Levett Bucknall | May 3, 2017

Avoiding trouble in paradise: Tips on building successfully in the Caribbean

The island setting itself is at the root of several of these disruptive assumptions.

Libraries | Apr 7, 2017

Eight recipients selected for the 2017 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards

Columbus Metropolitan Library, National Library of Latvia, and Varina Area Library were all honored by the AIA and ALA.

K-12 Schools | HMC Architects | Apr 7, 2017

Is an alternative project delivery method right for your K-12 school district?

With California’s increasingly busy—and costly—construction market, it’s becoming more difficult to predict costs with a typical design-bid-build delivery method.

Market Data | Hinge | Apr 6, 2017

Architecture marketing: 5 tools to measure success

We’ve identified five architecture marketing tools that will help your firm evaluate if it’s on the track to more leads, higher growth, and broader brand visibility.

Sports and Recreational Facilities | LPA | Apr 5, 2017

Informed design: A dynamic approach to athletic facilities design

With the completion of the athletic facility upgrade—dubbed the Arden Project—students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Building Team | HDR | Apr 4, 2017

Dispelling five myths about post-occupancy evaluations

Many assume that post-occupancy (POE) is a clearly-defined term and concept, but the meaning of POE in practice remains wildly inconsistent.

Office Buildings | Apr 4, 2017

Amazon’s newest office building will be an ‘urban treehouse’

The building will provide 405,000 sf of office space in downtown Seattle.

Healthcare Facilities | Mar 31, 2017

The cost of activating a new facility

Understanding the costs specifically related to activation is one of the keys to successfully occupying the new space you’ve worked so hard to create.

Architects | Gensler | Mar 28, 2017

A restroom for everyone

Restroom access affects everyone: people with medical needs or disabilities, caretakers, transgender people, parents with children of the opposite gender, and really anyone with issues or needs around privacy.

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