Detroit’s Michigan Central Station, centerpiece of innovation hub, opens

The recently opened Michigan Central Station in Detroit is the centerpiece of a 30-acre technology and cultural hub that will include development of urban transportation solutions. The six-year adaptive reuse project of the 640,000 sf historic station, created by the same architect as New York’s Grand Central Station, is the latest sign of a reinvigorating Detroit.


Building Owners

Modular Building | Mar 10, 2015

Must see: 57-story modular skyscraper was completed in 19 days

After erecting the mega prefab tower in Changsha, China, modular builder BSB stated, “three floors in a day is China’s new normal.”

Metals | Gabe Savely | Mar 10, 2015

Metal Building Systems: A Rising Star in the Market

A new report by the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association explains the entity's efforts in refining and extending metal building systems as a construction choice.

Retail Centers | Mar 10, 2015

Retrofit projects give dying malls new purpose

Approximately one-third of the country’s 1,200 enclosed malls are dead or dying. The good news is that a sizable portion of that building stock is being repurposed.

Museums | Mar 9, 2015

Architecture based on astronomy principles for new planetarium in Shanghai

The ancient Chinese civilization left some of the earliest records of humans studying the stars and skies. To exhibit this long history, a new planetarium and astronomy museum is planned for construction in Shanghai.

Architects | Mar 9, 2015

Study explores why high ceilings are popular

High ceilings give us a sense of freedom, new research finds

Office Buildings | Gensler | Mar 7, 2015

Chance encounters in workplace design: The winning ticket to the innovation lottery?

The logic behind the push to cultivate chance encounters supposes that innovation is akin to a lottery. But do chance encounters reliably and consistently yield anything of substance?

Justice Facilities | Mar 5, 2015

New courthouse blossoms into a civic space for one California town

The building's canopy suggests classical courthouse features of front porch and portico. It also helps connect the building with a public plaza that has re-centered civic activity and public gathering for the town.

Justice Facilities | Mar 5, 2015

State of the state: How state governments are funding construction projects

State budget shortfalls are making new construction and renovation projects a tough sell, leading lawmakers to seek alternative funding for these jobs.  

Museums | Mar 5, 2015

A giant, silver loop in Dubai will house the Museum of the Future

The Sheikh of Dubai hopes the $136 million museum will serve as an incubator for ideas and real designs—a global destination for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Codes and Standards | Mar 5, 2015

Charlotte, N.C., considers rule for gender-neutral public bathrooms

A few other cities, including Philadelphia, Austin, Texas, and Washington D.C., already have gender-neutral bathroom regulations.