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Building A Concrete Apron

Building A Concrete Apron

Expansion will service aircraft for a new DHL building at Flint airport

By By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | August 11, 2010

A cargo area apron expansion for a new DHL building at Bishop International Airport in Flint is under construction. The project includes paving concrete apron 17 inches thick that will service aircraft for the new DHL building. Six-S Inc., of Waterford Township, is the prime contractor for the project. The apron is located on the south side of old Bristol Road. Approximately 29,000 square yards of P-501 airport specification concrete is being placed for the apron.

A new 220-vehicle parking lot for the new DHL building has also been constructed on the north side of old Bristol Road. That consists of 15,000 tons of modified Michigan Department of Transportation 3C/4C hot mix asphalt pavement, sand subbase and aggregate base. There is new electrical and lighting for the apron and parking lot.

The project includes 13,900 cubic yards of sand subbase and 4,250 cubic yards of P-209 crushed aggregate base course for the apron and parking lot. New drainage features are also included in the parking lot and the apron, which consist of approximately 2,500 feet of storm sewer ranging from 12-inch-diameter concrete pipe to 30-inch-diameter concrete pipe.

"Old Bristol Road was widened to provide access to the apron and parking lot," Tim Baugher, project manager for Six-S Inc., said.

The approximately $2.3-million project began in September 2007 and it is expected to be completed in July. Subcontractors on the project include Ace Asphalt, of Flint (hot mix asphalt paving) and C&G Myers, of Milford (underground).


Project: Concrete apron construction and a new parking lot for DHL at Bishop International Airport in Flint

Prime contractor: Six-S Inc., of Waterford Township

Cost: Approximately $2.3 million
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