Budget busters: Report details 24 of the world's most obscenely over-budget construction projects

Montreal's Olympic Stadium and the Sydney Opera House are among the landmark projects to bust their budgets.

October 02, 2014 |
The Sydney Opera House was 1,357% over budget and completed 10 years past deadli

Today’s buildings come with multi-million dollar price tags. As if that’s not hefty enough, many famous projects go over budget—and by a whopping margin. Montreal's Olympic Stadium, for instance, ended up 1,990% over budget.

Architecture website Architizer shares an interactive graph by Podio, called Monumental Budget Busters, that visualizes 24 iconic projects from around the world that ended up severely over budget, either in years or money.

Topping the list are the Sydney Opera House and the Hubble Space Telescope; both projects far exceeded their original financial budget and schedule. 

Visit Podio to play around with the Monumental Budget Busters interactive graph.


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