Boldt Co. reaches 4 million hours with a lost time accident

September 08, 2011 |




The Boldt Co., recently reached four million hours worked without a lost time accident. Four million hours. That’s an average of over 2,600 continuous safe work hours completed by every employee—the equivalent of one person working 24 hours a day for over 450 years.
The dangers the company must plan for are many, as the company serves a diverse customer base. When employees are on projects in the power or wind industries, work must often be done hundreds of feet in the air while lifting extremely heavy components—where there is no room for error.
“There are a lot of safety challenges on these jobs like extreme heights, confined spaces and adverse weather, but no matter what the condition, we still have to ensure our crews are working safely,” said Boldt Safety Director Jeff Schilleman. “Our goal is to meet the customers’ needs, but we won’t sacrifice safety for anything.”
Boldt safety personnel credit training and building a safety culture with their success. “Safety is not just about those on the jobsites, but their families and all of our employees both at work and home,” said Jeff Johnson, vice president of human resources and risk management. “We try to show our employees we care about their well-being and not just the bottom line, which then comes through in our safety results.” BD+C

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