Cannon Design Blog
Colleges and universities across the United States are facing unprecedented challenges related to funding in both...
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Zialena Winery sits on a 120-acre property and dates back to the early 1900s when Giuseppe Mazzoni immigrated from...
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Photo: Michael Muraz

Elizabeth Cotton
The architects specifically selected high-performance glass across the façade to ensure that it is energy-efficient...
Nathan Miller
For over 12 years, a digital design community made up of professionals, researchers, and academics sprung up around...
Stantec Blog
Looking to enliven your city with a laneway revamp? Follow the themes of breathe, move, frame, celebrate, and inspire.
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Bill O'Keeffe
With architects specifying full-vision, code-compliant, 60 and 90 minute, temperature rise doors for exit stairwells...

The Oxford word of the year: climate emergency. Graph sourced from the Oxford Corpus

Rob Cassidy
The Oxford Word of the Year 2019 is climate emergency.
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We’ll address some ways metal roofing systems are an advantage when upgrading your roof and restoring your building to...
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Understanding the contrast between single-skin and insulated metal panels can make all the difference in building...
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