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Bill O'Keeffe
The ASTM E-119 test is the most stringent and most difficult test to pass for all fire rated glazing assemblies.
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Jeff Alexander
Valspar has over 20,000 colors available for metal panels from the Fluropon Coil Family, Valflon, and the WeatherXL...
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Jeff Alexander
The skillful use of exterior color for commercial buildings makes a statement about the company brand, creating an...
Space utilization in higher education: More than sf per student

Photo courtesy Hanbury

Hanbury Blog
There’s more to space utilization than how often a room is occupied. What happens inside an occupied room is just as...
Tencent headquarters © Terrence Zhang, courtesy NBBJ

Tencent headquarters © Terrence Zhang, courtesy NBBJ

NBBJ’s nbbX blog
Eight fresh ideas for the high-rise of the future, from NBBJ Design Partner Jonathan Ward.
Sasaki Ideas
Parks departments and designers find new approaches to ameliorate homelessness.

Pixabay Public Domain

SmithGroupJJR's Perspectives blog
Many museum staff are resistant to the idea of open offices.
Nathan Miller
All too often, the narrative of what it takes to be ‘data-driven’ focuses on methods for collecting, synthesizing, and...
As AI proves safe, big business will want to reduce overhead.
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Allen Hurtz
In many metal building applications, straight columns may have more steel than they need.
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