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Kinsley Construction, Inc.
By debunking a few common myths about construction, owners can feel more prepared and excited for their next project.
Multifamily real estate trends for 2019 and beyond

Baby boomers are selling their homes, relocating from suburban family-friendly neighborhoods to urban developments, and embracing density and city life. As renters, this group expects their multifamily communities to address wellness and zen-like opportunities for personal development. Photo by Vladimir Kudinov from Pexels

Abundance: The Paladino Blog
Boomers are on the move and Millennials are seeing upward mobility, but issues with affordability and housing product...
The construction industry has a problem, and women are going to solve it

According to a Forbes study, diverse companies produce 19% more earnings than their counterparts. In addition to generating more revenue, diverse teams produce a host of benefits, including increased productivity and heightened company reputation. Photo: VIATechnik

VIATechnik blog
Women currently comprise 9% of the construction industry. Here’s how we will change this to solve one of the industry’s...

Courtesy Pixabay

Hinge Blog
How do mergers and acquisitions impact a firm’s brand, marketing, and business development?
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The fastener attaching the panel to the substructure is a long-life fastener. However, the lap fastener, which has a different drill point, is not a long-life fastener.

The fasteners used to attach a metal roof system are a significant part of the roof performance and, in turn, of the...
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Kinsley Construction, Inc.
Knowing the technology owners need and what construction teams should be utilizing can be an overwhelming decision.
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Paul Collyer, Metl-Span
When looking at evaluating different construction materials, particularly those that will have to withstand extreme...
Cannon Design Blog
The relationship between workplace design and company culture isn’t all that different from a tango.
Factory-based construction with no siloes starts with a single source of truth

This prototype is an early version of the apartment units that will be built in Skender’s factory for a building in Chicago’s West Loop later this year. Photo: Skender

Future Built by Skender Future Built by Skender
Working from a single source of truth means every factor of design, procurement, manufacturing, and assembly will be...
It’s time for office amenities to get to work

At Campari Group’s new North American headquarters in New York, four distinct bar-like experiences offer more than just a place for employees and guests to blow off steam. Photo courtesy Gensler

Gensler Blog
Amenities with the greatest impact on effectiveness and experience are those that directly support the work needs of...
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