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A step-by-step process finds better answers, saves money, and produces measurable results.
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Rather than focus on urban “densification" perhaps we should consider urban “intensification.”
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Thoughtful design, architecture, and planning can accelerate and even create an urban renaissance.
District Winery, one of DC’s latest waterfront amenities

District Winery, one of DC’s latest waterfront amenities. Image © Prakash Patel

The nature of waterfront redevelopment has been evolutionary, in the truest sense of the word.
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Steven Burns
There are techniques you can use with your invoices that both highlight your firm’s value and make the process more...
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Ross Ufberg
New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge first opened to traffic in 1955.
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Jeff Alexander
PVDF coatings are a resin-based coating system.

At North Shore Medical Center, all state-of-the-art hybrid OR equipment was designed and installed for ceiling-mount suspension and functionality.

GS&P Dialogue
To help strike that delicate balance between the human and the high-tech, we must first have an in-depth understanding...
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Elizabeth Cotton
Products that give an elevated energy to their environment are important for builders and designers to consider.

A GS&P-designed intersection in Tennessee

GS&P Dialogue
While there has been an emphasis on improving safety along corridors, it is equally important to focus on identifying...
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