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Bob Zabcik
There is little doubt that the use of foam plastic insulation in metal building exterior roof and wall assemblies is on...
Abundance: The Paladino Blog
In the real estate industry, understanding how our buildings are used is critical to understanding how to manage our...
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Figure 1:​ Despite the presence of a waterproofing membrane on the elevated concrete slabs, water intrusion occurred through the terrace levels into the spaces below, infiltrating via penetrations and cracks in the slab.

George H. DuBose, CGC; Steven R. Gleason, P.E.; and Charles Allen, Jr., AIA
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Interior of the new Legacy Hall in Plano, Texas. Image © Gensler.

2017 saw the continuation of the evolution of expectations on the part of consumers, developers, office workers, and...
Sasaki Ideas
While there is no single silver bullet to reverse the effects of climate change, designers can help to plan ahead for...
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Contrary to popular belief, mold can occur in painted walls. This wall had a highly breathable textured finish system, and yet mold returned in the guest room walls. This was the condition after the first remediation, when the problem returned.

George DuBose, CGC; Richard Scott, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP; and Donald B. Snell, PE, Cert. Mech. Contractor, CIEC
Building envelope & HVAC interaction in warm, humid zones
Cannon Design Blog
Cities change constantly, but given the numerous disruptive factors spanning technology, policy, climate and more that...

In this retail bank, concierge style service desks allow service professionals to have a one-on-one meeting with clients that feels personalized to their needs, rather than a long, transaction-oriented teller line. Photo (C)Tim Griffith.

Retail is embracing new generations. For the last 10 years, all the chatter has been about millennials and how to...
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Steven Burns
Simple changes to your daily habits can help increase efficiency and profits.
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Elizabeth Cotton
Interior design possibilities with the latest interior glass products
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