Skanska recently handed over the first patient wing of the Karolinska Solna Hospital in Sweden, which designers say put the patient in the center of the planning. All patients receive a single room and a “thematic care” approach means doctors and specialists visit the patient rather than the other way around.

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By improving the physical layout of hospitals and medical facilities, we can enhance and increase safety mechanisms,...
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To reduce the cost, time, and hassle of cleaning up graffiti, Valspar has a graffiti-resistant system protecting all...
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Inorganic pigments are typically used to meet high performance requirements but typically include fewer bright colors.

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Engagement at all levels, designing with families in mind, and integrating flexible spaces are all important design...

Vanderbilt University's Rand Hall offers ample indoor and outdoor dining space along one of the most high-traffic paths through campus. Photo courtesy of GS&P.

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Location, visibility, and adaptability are three important ideas to keep in mind when designing campus dining spaces,...

Westin Hotel and Transit Center at Denver International Airport. Rendering Courtesy of Gensler.

Millennials’ desire for authentic experiences has been the catalyst for a refresh of most brand standards, writes...
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Organizations that purposefully craft and develop their culture experience a 14% turnover rate, whereas organizations...
From Construction Site to Court Room: How project management is transforming expert witness teams

Photo: Karen Neoh/Creative Commons.

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Applying goal-oriented methodologies and techniques can increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with litigation...
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As one of the leading manufacturers of coating products in the world, Valspar is setting an example for the entire...

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What do Tesla, Airbnb and Amazon have in common? They’re all shifting the paradigm for quality of life and the built...
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