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Sun Life redesigns Massachusetts HQ

Sun Life redesigns Massachusetts HQ

Julie S. Higginbotham | April 9, 2013
Christian Phillips / Courtesy Stantec


Sun Life Financial has completed a redesign of its U.S. headquarters in Wellesley, Massachusetts, to provide employees with a more appealing work environment. The new office offers an open, lively, inviting space that is flexible and adaptable to different working styles and preferences and encourages collaboration.

Focused on using neutral finishes in the flooring, workstations, millwork, and ceilings—costly elements that will need to last several years—the design is also intended to have a timeless appeal enlivened with energetic colors in accent walls and other features that can easily be updated if needed. Closed perimeter offices and isolated cubicles were replaced with flexible meeting and conferencing spaces, workstations with lower panels and glass inserts to let light permeate, and alternative work zones like lounge seating and open conference tables.

The new space, designed by Stantec Architecture in Boston, not only unifies the campus physically by breaking down barriers and creating more open space, but also aesthetically through the consistent integration of the company brand and culture throughout the space. The building team also included Fox RPM Corporation, J. Calnan & Associates, Red Thread, and BVH Integrated.

Source: Stantec

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