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Pave the way for better business relationships with digital twins

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Pave the way for better business relationships with digital twins

By Autodesk | June 24, 2022
Pave the way for better business relationships with digital twins

Creating a digital twin is often expensive and highly complex. However, with Autodesk Tandem, that same process is streamlined, simplified, and more accessible to AEC Professionals, Owners, and Operators. Its capabilities make it highly repeatable and enable digital twins to be crafted from existing BIM workflows.

Tandem is the ideal way to create and nurture a digital twin, and the business benefits it brings stretch far beyond the digital transformation of your businesses.

Pave the way for better business relationships with digital twins


For AEC Firms

Gaining a competitive edge sometimes hinges on adopting the latest technology into your workflow. AEC Firms can be one step ahead of the game by adding Autodesk Tandem into their existing BIM workflow today—effectively distinguishing their services from their rivals’.

Autodesk Tandem provides data visibility, allowing teams to collaborate with agility and speed. Working with digital twins enables AEC Firms to see collaboration happening step-by-step—creating digital threads of information. 

Those same data threads provide transparency, which can foster longer-lasting business relationships built on trust. With digital twins, AEC Firms can improve business interactions based on experience and specialization—perfect for referrals and future projects.

Digital twins enable projects to continue through multi-year contracts. By offering to maintain, optimize, and update digital twins on the Owners’ behalf, AEC Firms can keep supporting projects long after handover. This way, Firms can build on their relationships and project expertise with Autodesk Tandem.

Pave the way for better business relationships with digital twins


For Owners and Operators

Working with Tandem means working with more transparency throughout the project lifecycle. Simplified version histories, data threads, and easy-to-use dashboards simplify how Owners can monitor a project’s progress with confidence and trust.

Once projects are finished, transparent digital handovers mean facilities are ready to hit the ground running from day one. After the handover, digital twins offer a better way for facilities to operate smoothly. With Autodesk Tandem, Operators will have greater control over assets and remain informed with real-time spatial data—helping them reduce time wasted and keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

The collaborative environment powered by Autodesk Tandem can also play a huge role in developing the relationship between AEC Firms and Owners, fostering more robust and ongoing business relationships. Plus, it can simplify how Owners work with AEC Firms after handovers—employing them to keep digital twins maintained and up to date.

Digital twins represent smarter AEC collaborations and the seamless operations of tomorrow. Suppose Owners and Operators start using digital twins sooner. In that case, they’ll benefit from the technology as it matures, positioning them to work with AEC Firms that already leverage the technology and combine it with BIM data.

Overall, both AEC Firms and Owners can leverage digital twins in a way that benefits every stakeholder in every project. Equipping them with specialized and job-relevant tools which achieve bigger, better, and longer-lasting business opportunities—shaping a smarter industry-wide workflow along the way.


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