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The new commercial restroom relies on durability and style

Architects and designers should look for well-designed products that can stand up to the daily demands of such frequented spaces.

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August 02, 2017 |
Joel Marmion

“Restroom appearance, in many industries, plays a big part in customer perception. For example: Consumers will often avoid a business with a dirty restroom, while a luxurious restroom can have an extremely positive effect on how patrons perceive a building, and even a business,” according to Cleaning & Maintenance Management. For that reason, commercial restrooms should never be deemed second-class. Instead, architects and designers should look for well-designed products that can stand up to the daily demands of such frequented spaces.

As more of these design options become available to architects and designers, there is an increased emphasis on commercial restroom spaces– especially for Class A office and high-end hospitality buildings. One-dimensional restrooms are no longer sufficient, and aesthetics are becoming just as important as superior durability and performance. The modern commercial restroom requires each, along with providing end-users more “personal” space.

Personalization, style, and strength can come in a variety of forms. From ceiling-to-floor stalls to solid-surface countertops with individual basins, matching faucets, and soap dispensers, the ultimate goal is to design appealing and high-performing restroom spaces, even for high-traffic areas.

One of the newest and most innovative options is the Zurn Sundara™ Handwashing System, which offers powerful performance and a high-minded design. Each element of the Sundara™ system is designed with ergonomic features that ultimately benefit the end-user. With a minimalistic drain design and a basin that gives users the personal space they desire, Sundara™ helps them feel comfortable during the hand washing experience.

The durability of the Sundara™ system comes from its strength of simplicity. Sundara streamlines the restroom ecosystem through a single-source manufacturer, which works to reduce installation time, increase effectiveness, and maintain reliability. Zurn offers an industry-leading carrier system for new construction purposes. Additionally, Sundara may be installed on pre-existing wall-hanging systems – still providing the most robust hand washing solution for commercial applications.

The intelligence of the Sundara™ system is a result of more than 10,000 hours of research, 150 architect interviews, and 26 trial prototypes. Then, Zurn finalized three designs – Sundara Reef, Drift, and Float. These options give architects and their customers even more flexibility to break free from the mundane styles of traditional lavatory and faucet combinations.

The beauty of the Sundara™ system is unparalleled in the industry, and evident at first glance. The seamless-countertops, basins, faucets, and soap dispensers are all combined for a modern take on durable hardware. Architects and interior designers are looking for systems that cover all the bases for end-users, builders, and themselves. Only through the combination of substance and style can restrooms be elevated to meet today’s demands. And luckily, architects no longer have to choose between the two – with products like Sundara™, they get both.

Joel Marmion
Zurn Industries, LLC
Sr. Product Marketing Analyst

Joel Marmion is a Sr. Product Marketing Analyst with Zurn Industries who manufactures the safest and most efficient water solutions in the commercial market. Joel has over 20 years’ experience in the commercial plumbing industry from performance contracting to developing and marketing innovative products. Marmion can be reached at joel.marmion@zurn.com

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