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Is the metal building industry in a technology shift?

Is the metal building industry in a technology shift?

Gabe Savely | December 16, 2013

Automation is the future you can’t avoid, though you may try. Even within the metal building industry—which is made up of skilled tradesmen—automation has revolutionized, and will continue revolutionizing, how we work.

Here are a few inventions shifting the industry toward more technology and better results:


Imagine an old draftsman. They had boards and rulers, tall chairs and hours of leaning over plans. AutoCAD, the architecture software, changed that. Now, you can take a wired framed drawing and make it 3D in seconds. Images in this industry are important and this feature allows you to visualize the finished product, to move around it, to switch angles, to get multiple views, and to present the client visuals of exactly what they are getting.

Windows 8

Have you upgraded? If not, consider making plans. Every two or three years, you need to update your software and hardware. It should be part of your budget. Having the latest, greatest operating systems insures you can run programs, such as AutoCAD, without the glitches that come when you don’t have enough operational power. In this culture of technology, keeping your company ahead with your equipment and software gives you a leg up.


Star Builder System (SBS) is revolutionizing the way builders execute estimating their jobs. And all at a faster rate. SBS was designed with builders in mind; as they input the data of their project into the system, SBS creates real-time renderings of the product, allowing the builder to customize their quotes for their individual clients. And all within minutes. 

What are some other ways the industry is shifting toward more technology and greater automation?

Read more from the Star Buildings Blog at http://blog.starbuildings.net

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