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Managing the “I” in BIM

Managing the “I” in BIM

Autodesk | December 12, 2011

AEC professionals, operating in an accelerated and intensely competitive environment, need solutions to help them manage and access ever increasing amounts of information, across larger and more dispersed teams. Data management and collaboration tools can be difficult to learn and use, take tremendous effort, time and money to set up, and leave holes in communication with team members outside your company’s firewall. The solution? Access through the cloud can more quickly and securely share project information with team members inside and outside of your organization. Autodesk’s solution for collaboration and data management[CP1] takes full advantage of the cloud so AEC project team members can quickly and securely share project information with those inside and outside of their organization. Secure, mobile access to project information can be automatically synchronized to help ensure users always have the most up to date information.

With Autodesk® Cloud documents you can store your design documents in the cloud, so you or anyone in your team can access them anytime, anywhere and easily share them with colleagues, clients and other users. Viewing capabilities enable users to open and review 2D and 3D DWF files through a web browser – without the design software used to create the files. 1GB of storage space is available for free with the Autodesk® Cloud service. Autodesk Subscription customers receive 3GB of storage space for each seat of software on subscription for the duration of their subscription contract term. It’s an excellent way to share information with extended team members outside of your organization. 

Another benefit of the cloud is access to compute power for rigorous analysis. Integration of cloud-based tools such as Autodesk® Green Building Studio®[CP2]  with design software such as Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and Revit® MEP software can help users analyze design options at the touch of a button from their native design tools. You can run an analysis in Los Angeles and interpret the results in Boston within minutes, allowing teams spread across the country, or the globe, the ability to share analysis information through the cloud. You can start using Green Building Studio with a software subscription and your team members can access your analysis results from any location.

Thanks to cloud solutions such as these, secure, mobile access to project information can be automatically synchronized to help ensure team members and project stakeholders always have the most up to date information. BD+C

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