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IAPMO conference will examine alternate water source systems, rainwater harvesting

IAPMO conference will examine alternate water source systems, rainwater harvesting

Lynne Simnick | September 18, 2012

Water shortages impact many areas of the country, and the use of gray water and rain water is on the rise. Plumbing codes and practices have been refined in recent years to keep up with this trend.

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials’ 83rd annual Education and Business Conference will include workshops on the hot topics of alternate water source systems and rainwater harvesting. The conference takes place Sept. 23-27 in Hollywood, FL.

Chapter 16 of the Universal Plumbing Code has been completely rewritten to accommodate new technology and incorporate recent trends affecting alternate water source systems. A presentation will cover the use of such systems and provisions governing them. This will include installation requirements for the distribution of water and the protection of other health and safety issues related to the care, storage, and distribution of alternative water resources. The protection of potable water systems and containment and identification of the alternate water systems will also be discussed.

The practice of capturing and then using rainwater in an effort to conserve water and reduce water consumption-related costs has been rapidly increasing around the country and the world. Proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of these systems are critical to ensuring the health and safety of those impacted by rainwater catchment systems. A session will discuss the provisions of the new Rainwater Catchment Chapter in the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code, and the impact these provisions will have on installers and inspectors.

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