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Growing your AEC firm through an exceptional client experience

Many small AEC firms don’t feel they have the time to focus and create clear marketing messages.

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November 16, 2017 |
Steven Burns

As your company grows, so does the need for effective business development strategies. Successful firms provide top-notch services within their specialty to attract clients and differentiate their organizations.

How do architects, engineers, and builders create dynamic client-firm partnerships to win the new clients they want? Here are some steps towards thinking like a marketing pro.


Identify Ideal Projects

What are some of your dream projects? Which ones would actually fit within your firm’s capabilities? If you want to attract a certain type of project, it is important to be clear on what that is.

Brainstorm with members of your firm and trusted peers to define your target project types and to gain an understanding of demand. Even if your company has a designated specialty, how can this be fine-tuned? This is an important step in determining your target market and creating dynamic new relationships within your niche or specialty.


Identify Your Strengths

Many small AEC firms don’t feel they have the time to focus and create clear marketing messages. However, it’s worth it to pause and ask yourself, what can your company bring to a project that your competitors lack? If your firm takes an innovative approach to your clients or projects, clarify what exactly it is that sets you apart. Next, craft your marketing messages based on your unique strengths and innovations.


Improve the Client Experience

Referrals and repeat business are two of the best ways to win new projects. However, it takes an exceptional client experience to leverage these. Try as you might, every business has some customer service deficiencies. For some AEC firms, this might be issues with timely communication, staying on budget, or effectively managing all aspects of a project.

With cloud project management and accounting software like BQE Core, your team can seamlessly collaborate from the office, field, and at home. With its advanced analytics, greater data security, ease of use, and productivity, it’s easy to perfect the client experience.

Steven Burns | The Business Behind Design

Steven Burns, FAIA spent 14 years managing the firm Burns + Beyerl Architects, and during that time the firm’s earnings grew at an average rate of 24% per year. After founding his own software company, Steve took his management expertise to BQE Software, where he is refining their business strategy and product development for the company’s groundbreaking project accounting solution, BQE Core.

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