Effective water management building materials are essential for harsh weather events

The building envelope plays a crucial in protecting projects from excess moisture, mold, and rot.

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October 22, 2018 |

With hurricane season in full swing, harsh weather is on everyone’s minds. This reminds us that effective water management strategies are essential for durable homes and buildings and need to be an integral part of the design process for new construction and exterior remodels, not merely be an afterthought.

The building envelope plays a crucial in protecting projects from excess moisture, mold, and rot. Moisture issues can lead to premature structural deterioration and even costly litigation. Mold and mildew can also create threats to indoor air quality, causing health issues for occupants.

Thankfully, there are now some excellent products on the market that are extremely successful and effective in preventing mold.



Drainable housewraps offer protection against excess moisture by giving water a way to escape from behind the cladding. This housewrap has drainage channels within the wrap, producing excellent results.

Tamlyn produces a product that is highly respected within the industry and has a 15-25 limited warranty. In fact, this innovative solution removes up to 100 times more bulk water from walls than standard wraps.




These extruded aluminum trim profiles match many panel siding systems and come in thousands of options. The finished product boost project aesthetics with attractive architectural lines, with vertical runs that contain drain dams and horizontal profiles with shingle fashion. This system seamlessly integrates with TamlynWrap, for excellent water management.

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TAMLYN was established in May, 1971 by Ron Tamlyn, Sr. with a loan of $800 and help from his wife, Jean, in a small shack in Bellaire, Texas. Today, TAMLYN manufactures many products for the building-supply industry, including XtremeTrim® for fiber cement, roofing & structural metal products products that are easy to install with all fiber cement siding and soffit products. TAMLYN also manufactures TamlynWrap® – A weather-resistant barrier that eliminates excess moisture and mitigates the damaging effects of mold and rot. It’s patented design removes at least 100 times more bulk water from a wall versus standard housewraps. Visit us at https://tamlyn.com/

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