BIMx the first 3D AEC app to utilize retina display

May 30, 2012 |
Tim Gregorski

Graphisoft recently announced that the BIMx 1.2.455 update for iPhone/iPad app provides native support for the iPad 3 Retina display. According to Graphisoft, this results in crisper images and enhanced virtual reality for the user.

The quadrupled pixel count makes the application of interactive 3D apps like BIMx a difficult task. With BIMx and ArchiCAD, architects and designers can explore their project designs in a 3D environment that supports real-time 3D navigation identical to mainstream computer games.

The Retina Display-compatible BIMx is available new and as an update (1.2.455) in the App Store and is free of charge. +

Tim Gregorski | Products at Work

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