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Back to basics: Framing big buildings right

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Back to basics: Framing big buildings right

The demand for commercial and multifamily construction remains high, and the framing industry is expanding to meet this demand. But with inexperienced workers on site, rookie mistakes happen, and sometimes they’re expensive.

APA Engineered Wood Specialists provide training for builders, framers and project managers working on large wood-frame projects—training workers new to the industry, as well as crews switching to large wood-frame projects from concrete and steel. Because so many framers are new to the industry, the training for large wood-frame building covers the basics, like spacing OSB and plywood panels 1/8 inch at their edges and the importance of following the nailing schedule.   

Crews need to understand the load path, a fundamental concept for framing. Is everything accounted for top to bottom? Does it stack? Where do you install hangers and blocking as the building goes up? 

A training approach that covers the basics, the theory and the real-world application helps new framers see the big picture and get up to speed on their skills. This includes beam and joist installation; the dos and don’ts of installing, cutting and notching beams; as well as the design theory that goes behind the guidelines. Another important concept is moisture management, from knowing which materials need to be kept dry to understanding the influence moisture can have on the construction project as a whole: With any building that’s longer than 80 feet in length, special precautions must be taken to prevent accumulated panel expansion in the floors or in the roof assemblies.



APA’s Frame it Right: Back to Basics for Big Buildings on-demand webinar offers basic framing guidance and training, including:

  • The consequences of framing mistakes throughout a building
  • Load path, both vertical and lateral
  • Framing structures from the ground up (including walls, floors and roofs)  
  • How to properly anchor bolts and the importance of hold-down hardware 
  • Minimum recommended fastening  
  • The different types of shear walls   
  • Various framing layouts
  • On-site moisture management and shrinkage 
  • How to use APA resources to prevent mistakes

View Frame it Right at www.apawood.org/frame-it-right. AIA and ICC credit is available. 

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