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16 utility questions to answer during your building project

We need electricity to power our building projects, along with water and gas and a faultless sanitation system. That’s what we think about when we think about utility requirements for our building project, but are we missing something? SPONSORED CONTENTPhoto: courtesy Star Building Systems

July 21, 2014 |
Allen Hurtz

Electricity has been giving people a thrill since Benjamin Franklin got a hankering one night to fly a kite. He got excited about his discovery and we’ve been excited with him ever since. 

We need electricity to power our building projects, along with water and gas and a faultless sanitation system. That’s what we think about when we think about utility requirements for our building project, but are we missing something? Or even several somethings? Are the basic utility requirements all we need to consider? And have we considered all the areas they affect? Since utilities are so crucial to, not only the success of the project, but to the continued usage of the building, here are a few questions to help you cover all your bases

  • Is temporary power available during construction?
  • What are the building’s power requirements?
  • Are existing power sources adequate for peak operation?
  • What is needed with regard to:
    • Gas mains?
    • Water mains?
    • Anti-pollution devices?
    • Storm sewer drainage?
    • Trenching and backfill requirements for all underground lines?
    • Sanitary pits?
    • Sanitary sewer?
    • Overhead sprinkler?
  • Will existing power and/or telephone lines need to be relocated?
  • Will there be an illuminated sign?
  • Is there any need for flood lighting in outside areas?
  • Have the following areas been included:
    • Parking lot lighting?
    • Other needed exterior lighting on grounds?
    • Lighted exit signs (required by OSHA)?
  • Have all interior wiring requirements been considered for the:
    • Lunch room?
    • Restrooms?
    • Janitor’s room?
    • Computer requirements?
    • Business equipment requirements?
    • Other?
  • Are electrical outlets sufficient for whatever is needed and conveniently placed?
  • Do meters, transformers, circuit breakers, and sub-panels have proper capacity for future mechanical needs?
  • What are illumination requirements for:
    • Foot-candles in plant areas?
    • In office area?
    • At each work station?
    • In warehouse area?
  • What are the requirements for:
    • Heating?
    • Ventilation?
    • Air conditioning?
  • Will there be requirements for:
    • Elevators?
    • Escalators?
  • What about waste disposal?
    • Incinerator?
    • Dispose-all?
    • Trash area/bins?
    • Other?
  • Are there requirements for:
    • Special anti-pollution devices?
    • Fire/burglar alarm system?
    • Public address system?
    • Internal music system?

Read more from the Starbuildings blog. 

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Allen Hurtz | Metal Building Trends
Star Building Systems
Director of Engineering

Allen Hurtz, P.E., Director of Engineering, began his career at Star in January 1989 as a Design Engineer I.  He was promoted to Design Engineer II and then to Engineering Manager in 1997.  He accepted the position as Director of Engineering in 2012.  Allen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Platteville and is a registered Professional Engineer in multiple states.  Allen and his wife, Trish, have two daughters, Rachel and Hannah, and enjoy family time and attending the girls’ activities.

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