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BIG and Kilo-designed Pegasus Pod transports first Hyperloop passengers

The pod achieves Hyperloop travel at speeds over 1000km/hour.

November 13, 2020 |
Pegasus Pod Hyperloop test

All photos: Virgin Hyperloop

After a year of close collaboration between Virgin Hyperloop, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), and Kilo Design, the Pegasus Pod has become the first manned and fully functional system for Hyperloop travel after a successful test in the Nevada desert.

BIG and Kilo designed for the pod’s first use case while also defining the design language and characteristics for future Virgin Hyperloop vehicles. The two-seater Pegasus Pod was built to demonstrate that passengers can safely travel in a Hyperloop vehicle. It is equipped with a control system that can detect off-nominal states and rapidly trigger appropriate emergency responses. The six-sm interior has the necessary safety equipment and controls built into the furniture. The production vehicle will be larger and seat up to 28 passengers.


Pegasus Pod test


The front scoops of the vessel create natural steps for easy entry and egress, and apertures on the sides of the fairing and on the front door contain a forward-facing window for outward viewing down the tunnel. These features create a link to Pegasus’ external design, where repeating soft forms and pill-shape cutouts are used to highlight depth, layers, and entryways.

Inside, the seating elements and extended arms function as an entry and egress aid, storage for safety equipment, oxygen throughput, and lighting. The seats can also be quickly assembled and disassembled for rear equipment access.


Pegasus pod passengers


“When designing the future of transportation and the slate is sort of blank, the opportunities are endless. We’ve needed to adjust our way of thinking away from the classic modes of transporting like trains, planes and metros, and towards a new vehicle typology, closest to that of a spaceship,” said Jakob Lange, Partner, BIG, in a release.


Pegasus Interior without passengers


Pegasus Pod window

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