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Mineral Wool IMPs: Sustainable Fire-Resistant Construction


Mineral Wool IMPs: Sustainable Fire-Resistant Construction

Provided By: Metl-Span
By METL-SPAN July 18, 2022
Mineral Wool IMPs: Sustainable Fire-Resistant Construction

Mineral wool core panels provide an excellent alternative to foam core insulated metal panels and other traditional materials where the wall assembly need to be fire resistive. Ratings of up to three hours can be achieved by this product. These panels also provide all necessary control layers in a single component: air, vapor, water and thermal. Acoustic properties of the product are also evaluated. Product configurations including sizes, profiles and metal facings are studied. Code compliance and generic details are reviewed. Mineral wool core panels and their contribution to LEED credits are also studied.

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Learning Objectives

After reading this article, you should be able to:


  • Understand how IMPs provide all necessary air, water, vapor and thermal control layers through a single component and be able to understand the installation considerations of mineral wool IMPs
  • Visualize the differences between fire walls and fire barriers, as well as interior vs. exterior wall applications. Analyze the environmental performance associated with mineral wool IMPs
  • Understand the characteristics that best describe insulated metal panels (IMPs) with mineral wool cores; Understand the design options for mineral wool core IMPs; Remember the top six advantages to using mineral wool IMPs
  • Comprehend the basics of fire testing and standards. Be able to differentiate between the various IBC code chapters that deal with building types, occupancy and fire safety requirements

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