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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Interior Products

75 Top Building Products

BD+C's 101 Top Products: Interior Products

Among the best interior products included in BD+C's 2018 101 Top Products report are Scranton Products Aria Partitions, Artaic's Custom Mosaic Tiles, and Bendheim's +2 Collection.

By BD+C Staff | January 8, 2019


1. Aria Partitions | Scranton Products

Scranton Products Aria partitions

Developed for added privacy and design style in commercial restrooms, the new Aria Partitions line from Scranton Products includes 17 door designs, seven panel designs, and 27 colors and textures. In addition to removing sightlines, the collection is designed with a continuous edge-mounted hinge, which provides increased privacy and improved aesthetics, with no face-mounted hardware. It features a shoeless pilaster, which eases cleaning and offers an elegant design. Options include engraved doors and side panels.


2. Living Hinge Collection | Smith & Fong

Smith & Fong's living hinge collection

This line of flexible acoustical panels is made from carved bamboo plywood. Utilizing CNC technology, the panels can bend around corners to provide visual continuity and sound-reducing performance for non-standard interior walls. The CNC-enabled flexible hinge allows the rigid bamboo plywood to flex into a 24-inch radius. Available in a variety of colors, the panels offer an NRC of up to 0.7.


3. Custom mosaic tiles | Artaic

Custom mosaic tiles at the University of Washington

Established in 2007 by an MIT graduate, Artaic is modernizing the creation and customization of mosaics that can become a highlight of an office, classroom, lobby, or any other space. Artaic uses robotic technology called Tylist to customize, design, and fabricate the mosaic tiles. The Tylist software enables users to design and render their mosaic artwork while easily coordinating with the company’s robotic manufacturing system. Designers can choose tile type, color, size, and grout type. The University of Washington transformed a wall in one of the institution’s conference rooms into a 121-sf custom mural that depicts a nighttime view of the campus (pictured).


4. Snowsound Fiber Textile | Snowsound USA

Snowsound fiber textile

Sound-absorbing textiles can be used for window/roller shades, curtains, partitions, sheers, draperies, upholstery, and canopies, to provide acoustic control for almost any interior environment. The fabric can achieve an NRC up to 1.0, depending on the fiber type and installation. Available in 41 texture/color combinations and six patented microscopic weave geometries, each offering a distinct tactile experience.


5. QMark PANELS | Marley Engineered Products

Radiant ceiling panels are designed to provide localized spot heating or primary heating for a range of applications, from hotels to offices to hospital rooms. The panels can be specified by dimension and output level, and are offered in custom colors and finishes. Panels are available in standard 24x24- and 24x48-inch drop ceiling panels, as well as custom sizes up to 28 inches wide and 96 inches long.


6. Flexi-Panel | EXTECH

Extech flexi-panel

This translucent ceiling panel system is functional, stylish, and makes a bold statement by elegantly diffusing room lighting. Available in a variety of finishes and translucencies, as well as fully customizable, the system provides a soft-touch aesthetic for interior spaces. Its ‚Äúeasy hinge‚ÄĚ feature provides fast access to the ceiling area above the panels. Clips are available in several finishes and can be installed to produce vertical curves.


7. MetalWorks Blades | Armstrong Ceilings

Metalworks blades from Armstrong ceilings

Line of aluminum ceiling blades has been expanded with 24- and 48-inch lengths‚ÄĒjoining the existing line of 96-inch panels‚ÄĒoffering designers more flexibility to achieve custom-looking ceiling designs with standard items, including striated, geometric, herringbone, cellular, and linear. The blades are available as perforated or unperforated panels, and in nine colors and six effects.


8. Móz Metal | Móz Designs

Moz perforated metal system

This perforated metal system can be used in interiors or exteriors to create surfaces, partition spaces, enhance privacy, or diffuse light, air, and sound. The economical system has a high strength-to-weight ratio and captures bold colors with a polished material quality. A variety of perforation styles, shapes, colors, and grains are available, as are fully customized over-sized panels and thicker-gauge material.


9. Linwood System | Architectural Surfaces

Architectural surfaces' Linwood wood ceilings

Available in three styles of solid-wood or real-wood veneer-faced products, this ceiling system creates a rich, warm aesthetic for a variety of interior spaces, including hotel lobbies, civic buildings, and airports. Recycled cotton acoustical backer can be installed to provide sound absorption. Modules are available in standard four- or six-inch widths and can be custom ordered up to eight inches wide.


10. High Profile Series Frameworks | Hunter Douglas Architectural

HUnter Douglas high profile series frameworks

These aluminum beams use patented extrusions and client-specific shapes to create one-off ceiling and wall designs. Precision-cut curved and straight elements can be assembled to create peaks, valleys, screens, and rafters. The beams are made from up to 50% recycled materials and are offered in seamless baffles up to 20 feet in length in a variety of finishes and colors, including wood-look and wood-veneer options. Support options include traditional threaded rods, Unistrut supports, and low-visibility aircraft cables for vertical, angled, and horizontal applications. A patented locking mechanism ensures precise beam placement with minimal effort.


11. +2 Collection | Bendheim

Bendheim +2 Collection in use

Laminated safety glass eliminates the ‚Äúfish bowl‚ÄĚ effect in offices by incorporating visual and acoustic privacy performance without eliminating natural light. The decorative sound-control glass features a brushed aesthetic that maintains daylight advantages during the day and provides a lantern effect at night. The brushed effect is meant to provide the look of freshly skated ice and can be combined with a range of neutral color tints. The acoustic interlayer can be combined with hundreds of other colors or decorative glass varieties. The glass has a sound transmission class (STC) of at least 36, which means speech is unintelligible outside the room. The glass is available in slim standard thicknesses, ranging from ¬ľ to ¬Ĺ inch, in sizes up to 60x120 inches.


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