Bay State moves toward single BIM protocol on state projects

Massport’s guidelines a step forward for integrated BIM initiative.

June 17, 2016 |

Boston's Logan Airport. Photo: Thomas Hawk/Creative Commons.

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the body that runs Boston’s Logan Airport, recently issued a series of documents for integrating BIM into new construction, substantial renovation, and major maintenance and improvement projects. 

The release of the guidelines is part of the Massachusetts Integrated BIM Initiative, an effort that is evaluating the feasibility of establishing a single BIM protocol for all Massachusetts agencies and authorities. The documents include Guidelines for Vertical and Horizontal Construction, an Appendix A: BIM Uses Guideline, and a BIM Roadmap poster, which are available here

The higher the estimated construction costs of a project, the higher the level of BIM required. The guidelines also apply to tenant alteration application projects. 

Massport incorporated the 2014 Level of Development Specification published by the AIA and AGC into its guidelines. Prime designers and contractors will be required to designate BIM managers, who will work with Massport’s Design Technologies Integration Group to ensure that the BIM guidelines are followed throughout each phase of a project.

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