Metl-Span is a dynamic industry innovator dedicated to manufacturing and marketing the highest quality insulated building panel products since 1968. We are a recognized leader in the advancement of insulated metal panel technology. With our history of visionary product design – and by consistently setting the highest standards in technological advances – architects, designers and builders trust Metl-Span panel products to perform reliably, be aesthetically-pleasing and come with a proven sustainability track record. Structural integrity, tireless testing and a determination to exceed expectations are primary to Metl-Span’s focus. At Metl-Span, form meets function in the most reliable, cost- and energy-efficient manner possible. For more information, please visit



Metl-Span structural insulated panels and insulated metal panels
May 24, 2019
We discuss the characteristics of structural insulated panels and insulated metal panels...
Metals | March 21, 2019
It is important to understand that the IBC has different requirements regarding the use...
January 08, 2019
Many sections of building codes are prescriptive, and many projects take this path to...
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