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Gresham Smith | Oct 22, 2014

Customization is the key in tomorrow's workplace

The importance of mobility, flexibility, and sustainability in the world of corporate design are already well-established. A newer trend that’s gaining deserved attention is customizability, and how it will look in the coming years, writes GS&P's Leith Oatman.

Gresham Smith | Oct 3, 2014

Designing for women's health: Helping patients survive and thrive

In their quest for total wellness, women today are more savvy healthcare consumers than ever before. They expect personalized, top-notch clinical care with seamless coordination at a reasonable cost, and in a convenient location. Is that too much to ask? 

Gresham Smith | Sep 12, 2014

Will on-site parking remain king in the development world?

In spite of the trend away from multi-car residences, not much has changed with regard to parking spot allocations within apartment buildings and other multi-unit residential developments, writes GS&P's Doug Sharp.

Gresham Smith | Sep 7, 2014

Hybrid healthcare: Revamping inefficient inpatient units to revenue-producing outpatient care

It's happening at community hospitals all over America: leadership teams are looking for ways to maintain margins by managing underutilized and non-revenue producing space. GS&P's David Magner explores nontraditional healthcare models.

Gresham Smith | Aug 22, 2014

Before & After: Hospital upgrade shows shifting needs in healthcare construction

Community Hospice of Northeast Florida took an outdated 10-bed inpatient hospice unit and created a space that would meet the needs of patients receiving end of life care by creating a place that felt like home.

Gresham Smith | Jun 10, 2014

Site optimization: Paving the way for smoother land development projects

The biggest cost differential when dealing in site development from one site to another is the earthwork. So, when selecting a site, it is critical to not only take into account the initial purchase price of the property, but also what sort of investment it will take to prep the site for development.

Gresham Smith | May 21, 2014

Evidence-based design practices for the palliative care environment

Palliative care strives to make patients comfortable as they are receiving treatment for a severe illness. As hospitals seek to avoid Affordable Care Act penalties for poor patient satisfaction, many expect this field to grow quickly. 

Gresham Smith | Feb 13, 2014

3 keys to designing freestanding emergency departments

Having physically disassociated from a central hospital, FEDs must overcome the particular challenges associated with a satellite location, namely a lack of awareness, appeal, and credibility. Gresham, Smith & Partners' Kristin Herman-Druc offers three keys to success. 

Gresham Smith | Jan 30, 2014

The evolving workplace: One designer's inspiration board

"Open office" has been a major buzzword for decades, and like any buzzword, some of the novelty has worn off. I don't believe we will abandon the open office, but I do think we need to focus on providing a dynamic mix of open and closed spaces.

Gresham Smith | Oct 29, 2013

Are public-private partnerships the new normal?

The factors currently complicating public projects—a lack of funding and resistance to tax increases—are unlikely to change anytime soon. As development needs become more complex, public-private partnerships will become much more common.

Gresham Smith

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