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Gresham Smith | Sep 11, 2017

Terminal modernization: Why bother? Part I

A terminal modernization program can be a complicated and expensive task that airport operators may be hesitant to undertake unless necessitated by demands for increased capacity. This is the first post in our series examining why airport operators should bother to upgrade their facilities, even if capacity isn’t forcing the issue.   

Gresham Smith | Aug 2, 2017

8 healthcare design lessons from shadowing a nurse

From the surprising number of “hunting and gathering” trips to the need for quiet spaces for phone calls, interior designer Carolyn Fleetwood Blake shares her takeaways from a day shadowing a nurse.

Gresham Smith | Jul 10, 2017

The retail renaissance part II: The role of planning and development in the future of shopping

The retail sector is charting unfamiliar territory as web sales and evolving tastes force a paradigm shift.

Gresham Smith | Mar 23, 2017

The retail renaissance part I: How architecture will shape the future of shopping

The retail sector is charting unfamiliar territory as web sales and evolving tastes force a paradigm shift. In our Retail Renaissance blog series, architects, interior designers, planners and engineers from different GS&P markets will consider the impact of retail trends and discuss how clients and developers can successfully navigate this new age of shopping.

Gresham Smith | Jan 23, 2017

Why corporate branded environments matter

A branded environment has the potential to create a long-lasting impression for your intended audiences.

Gresham Smith | Dec 13, 2016

How healthcare systems can reduce financial risk with developer-owned hospitals

When entering a new market, the financial risk can be magnified to the point that the investment – although critical to a system’s future – becomes unpalatable to a governing board.

Gresham Smith | Aug 5, 2016

How to design the best dining facilities for Millennial students

Location, visibility, and adaptability are three important ideas to keep in mind when designing campus dining spaces, writes Gresham Smith and Partners’ Patrick Gilbert.

Gresham Smith | Jul 20, 2016

Process mapping simplifies healthcare design

Charting procedures and highlighting improvement opportunities can lead to developing effective design strategy simulations. GS&P’s Ray Wong writes that process mapping adds value to a project and bolsters team and stakeholder collaboration.

Gresham Smith | May 10, 2016

Here comes the sun: A primer on sustainable building orientation

GS&P's Corie Baker shows how to design and orient a building to efficiently collect or dissipate solar radiation while enhancing natural daylight and visibility.

Gresham Smith | Apr 27, 2016

How retailers can create spaces to appeal to Millennial shoppers

Today's college students have a bit more spending power than past generations. In the third part of the The New Student series, GS&P's Brandon Bell highlights how brick-and-mortar retailers can draw in Millennial shoppers.

Gresham Smith

The Gresham Smith blog is about starting discussions. We want to get people thinking about issues and trends that are impacting the design services industry and the market sectors Gresham Smith architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, consultants and environmental scientists serve. Great ideas are typically enhanced through conversation and often stifled by singular views and opinion. We hope you'll join in this conversation and help us to create a meaningful dialogue. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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