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Gresham Smith | Aug 5, 2016

How to design the best dining facilities for Millennial students

Location, visibility, and adaptability are three important ideas to keep in mind when designing campus dining spaces, writes Gresham Smith and Partners’ Patrick Gilbert.

Gresham Smith | Jul 20, 2016

Process mapping simplifies healthcare design

Charting procedures and highlighting improvement opportunities can lead to developing effective design strategy simulations. GS&P’s Ray Wong writes that process mapping adds value to a project and bolsters team and stakeholder collaboration.

Gresham Smith | May 10, 2016

Here comes the sun: A primer on sustainable building orientation

GS&P's Corie Baker shows how to design and orient a building to efficiently collect or dissipate solar radiation while enhancing natural daylight and visibility.

Gresham Smith | Apr 27, 2016

How retailers can create spaces to appeal to Millennial shoppers

Today's college students have a bit more spending power than past generations. In the third part of the The New Student series, GS&P's Brandon Bell highlights how brick-and-mortar retailers can draw in Millennial shoppers.

Gresham Smith | Mar 7, 2016

Can 'active' building designs make people healthier?

The new high-performance Kaiser Permanente facility in Anne Arundel County, Md., uses the built environment to improve the overall health of its occupants, writes GS&P's Terrance Perdue.

Gresham Smith | Dec 21, 2015

Addressing urban density with design

How does success in managing density begin? By being design friendly to everyone, writes Jessica K. Lucyshyn of GS&P.

Gresham Smith | Aug 19, 2015

Good design can combat open-office issues

Three tricks to maintain privacy and worker production in a cube-less world, according to GS&P's Jack E. Weber 

Gresham Smith | Feb 26, 2015

Using active design techniques to strengthen the corporate workplace and enhance employee wellness

The new Lentz Public Health Center in Nashville, Tenn., serves as a model of how those progressive and healthy changes can be made.

Gresham Smith | Jan 7, 2015

Best practices for urban infill development: Embrace the region's character, master the pedestrian experience

If an urban building isn’t grounded in the local region’s character, it will end up feeling generic and out-of-place. To do urban infill the right way, it’s essential to slow down and pay proper attention to the context of an urban environment, writes GS&P's Joe Bucher.

Gresham Smith | Dec 28, 2014

The lowdown on LODs: Bringing clarity to BIM

These days, BIM is par for the course across most facets of design. But a lot of the conversation surrounding BIM still lacks clarity due to ambiguous terminology, a lack of clear-cut guiding illustrations, and widely varying implementation, writes GS&P's John Scannell.

Gresham Smith

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