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CASE blog

CASE is a Building Information consultancy with offices worldwide. In this blog, as with all our work, we combine our passion for technology with our desire to help the building industry improve the way buildings are designed, built, and operated. For more ideas from CASE, please visit:

BIM/VDC training is more than learning the features

The CASE Dynamo Workshop at Tex-Fab 2014 in Austin, Texas. Images courtesy CASE

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog | July 06, 2015
Training can be a taxing experience for both the class and the instructor. CASE's Nathan...
Why reality capture is essential for retrofits

Plan view of the floor slab created from a point cloud. Image: CASE

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog | June 04, 2015
Although we rely upon as-built drawings to help us understand the site for our design,...
How AEC firms should approach BIM training

The dedicated training facility in CASE's New York City office. Images: CASE

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog | May 21, 2015
CASE Founding Partner Steve Sanderson talks about the current state of software training...
How beacons will change architecture

There are many researchers and companies currently vying to create the equivalent of GPS for buildings. People have been testing everything from optical sensors to magnetic and acoustic technologies. Photo: CASE

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog | May 10, 2015
Indoor positioning is right around the corner. Here is why it matters.
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