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Bijan Mansouri, TYPAR | Aug 13, 2020

Auditing airtightness: The 101 on blower door tests

A blower door test, also known as an infiltrometer, uses a high-powered fan and a special machine to measure the airtightness of a building and identify potential leaks in the air barrier.

Bijan Mansouri, TYPAR | Jul 30, 2020

How to Pick the Right Flashing and Tape for the Job

When it comes to eliminating vulnerabilities in the building envelope, quality flashings and construction tapes are an affordable, durable and simple addition to your air barrier arsenal

Bijan Mansouri, TYPAR | Jul 13, 2020

Building Wrap and the Code; What you Need to Know

Before selecting the WRB for your next project, be sure to know how the building codes could impact your choice. 

Bijan Mansouri, TYPAR

Bijan Mansouri - Typar

Bijan Mansouri is the technical manager at TYPAR Construction Products. He has been with Berry Plastics for more than 25 years working in different technical capacities. He is responsible for Building code requirements, designing and development of new construction products, training builders and architects on application of new and existing products and creating and education on the proper practice and installation of building envelope. He can be reached at bijanmansouri@berryglobal.com.

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