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Arriscraft embraces new wall system to revolutionize its thin-clad stone installation

New Carbon County Courthouse & Administration Building (by Scott P. Evans Architect + Associates P.C.) features thin ARRIS.tile installed with ProGUARDTM insulated cement board panels

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March 02, 2016 |

Scott P. Evans Architect & Associates P.C. designed the modern Carbon County Courthouse & Administration Building using ARRIS.tile Renaissance® Units.

Having little experience with the ARRIS.tile product, the architect for this project was educated on the Arriscraft line by Brickstone Inc. (which represents the stone company in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho). Jason Evans, Construction & Marketing Manager at Scott P. Evans, says, ”After spending some time with the local product rep, we saw the value in incorporating ARRIS.tile into our job. The color options were great, working with a thin material was advantageous for our specific job, and the quality, durability and warranty sold us on the product. On the appropriate project we would definitely use ARRIS.tile again. We’ve already recommended it to other architects searching for this type of product.”

ProGUARDTM- An exciting, continuous insulation solution for thin adhered masonry industry

While naturally-made ARRIS.tile was used for the stunning cladding material, the wall system itself was revolutionary for the thin-adhered veneer market.  In addition to using the Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) to adhere the units and waterproof the assembly, the designers also chose to use the ProGUARDTM insulated cement board panels as well.  These panels are constructed by laminating ¼” thick cement board panels to EPS insulation.  The EPS insulation can be provided as thin as 1-1/2” up to 6” in thickness with increments of increasing thickness of 1/8” (i.e. 1-1/2”, 1-5/8”, 1-3/4” etc…).  Pre-selected and pre-specified screws for the different thicknesses of panels and the different possible substrates complete the ease of specifying and using the panels.

ProGUARDTM allows designers to meet the continuous insulation requirements of the more stringent energy codes introduced over the past few years, such as ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC, which require lower U-values (higher effective R-values) for wall construction.

ProGUARDTM panels also have drainage grooves cut into the front and back of the insulation to achieve drainage planes.  These drainage planes allow for wind driven moisture behind the veneer to weep from the system and also allow moisture as the result of condensation (e.g. from vapor flow, air flow, dew points, etc.) to escape the wall system, effectively creating a thin-adhered masonry veneer rainscreen.

ProGUARDTM eliminates the need to install a drainage mat, insulation, and cement board in three separate steps. As a single product, ProGUARDTM collapses all these materials and their benefits into one – providing continuous insulation, drainage planes, and a stable and fully cured substrate to adhere thin-masonry veneers.

Arriscraft continues to lead the industry with high performance, naturally-made stone products and best practices in installation systems.


Project Details:

Project: Carbon County Courthouse & Administration Building

Location: Price, Utah

Architect: Scott P. Evans – Architect & Associates P.C. Contractor: Ascent Construction

Product: ARRIS.tile Café Smooth & Rocked Installed over ProGUARD Insulated Cement Board Panels with Laticrete MVIS materials.

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