Army net-zero initiative moving past pilot stage

Planners readying to expand the program to scores of Army facilities

November 14, 2014 |
Map: U.S. Army

The U.S Army's ambitious Net-Zero initiative has had several successful pilot trials, and planners are prepared to expand the nine-part demonstration field to scores of other Army facilities.

Net-Zero energy, waste, and water resource guidelines will soon be rolled out across the board domestically, and later to overseas facilities. That includes temporary operating bases, mobile maneuvers, and permanent stationary facilities.

Army sustainability specialists say a key to the initiative’s success thus far has been the use of readily available, proven technology. Collaboration among various Army and other Defense Department facilities, as well as with other agencies including EPA and the Energy Department, and private entities has also been beneficial, the Army says.

One of the more interesting demonstrations is being conducted at Fort Riley where a small scale membrane bioreactor using aerobic digestion has been deployed to intercept wastewater before it reaches a large treatment plant. The goal is to reclaim graywater for local use.


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