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Are these LEGO-like blocks the future of construction?

The company Kite Bricks may have just reinvented masonry.

July 11, 2014 |

They're not really LEGOs—they just look like them. Smart Bricks (or S-Bricks for short) are a patent-pending innovation designed by Kite Bricks. Incorporating high-strength concrete, the blocks may make buildings more rapid, cheap and energy-efficient to construct.

Like the iconic Danish construction toys, S-Bricks come in a variety of forms for different functions and can all connect together. A special adhesive designed to come with S-Bricks eliminates the need of cement.

If a project is planned with Smart Bricks, the bricks are delivered to the site along with a combination of traditional doors, windows and many other building components to allow a quick and efficient construction process with minimum labor.

The bricks thermal properties can lead to enormous savings in heating and cooling and a smaller carbon footprint, according to the manufacturer.

Check out Kite Bricks' official website for more information.

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