Are the cleaning products in your office or facility safe?

April 27, 2009 |

April 2009 — Stonhard, manufacturer and installer of seamless, resinous floor, wall and lining systems for 85 years offers premium cleaning products to maintain the quality and appearance of commercial and industrial facilities, through its Stonkleen division. Stonkleen features specialized products for daily and weekly use, including products developed to conquer specific challenges, all while upholding a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, which includes utilizing green products.

Stonkleen products are formulated with the well-being of the Earth in mind. Specific Stonkleen products are phosphate-free, easy to dispose of and will not compromise air quality. MG2 descaler and DG2 general purpose cleaner are completely green products, meaning that they can be used in active areas, around employees, customers, students and guests, without jeopardizing their comfort or health. When lunch tables and desks are wiped down with Stonkleen DG2, you can be sure that the children who return to those tables and desks are at no risk. Safe, clean and ready to go.   

From carpets to hard floor surfaces, degreasing, descaling, general disinfecting and spot treatment, Stonkleen has a product for every application and every environment, whether it’s a retail location, industrial space or construction cleanups. And, Stonkleen’s maintenance experts will work with customers on ways to address specific concerns and, if needed, develop a service schedule to keep facilities looking and functioning safely and effectively.


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