Architecture Design Collaborative announces firm opening in Southern California

Innovative 'design-lab’ concept reinforces firm’s collaborative philosophy

February 10, 2014 |
Craig Chinn, founder of Architecture Design Collaborative, was previously an ass

Today, Architecture Design Collaborative officially announces the launch of its firm providing a full range of architecture and interior design services nationwide.

Architecture Design Collaborative offers architectural design services, comprehensive interior design services, developer collaboration, direct tenant improvement, repositioning and site planning. In addition, the firm offers development of master signage programs, design guidelines, tenant guidelines and entitlements.

With more than 70 years of combined associate expertise, Architecture Design Collaborative has worked on award-winning projects nationally that include a vast range projects including specialty retail, shopping malls, contract office and residential.

“This is a very exciting time for our team as we embark on this journey together,” said Craig Chinn, founder and principal of Architecture Design Collaborative. “The combined talent of our associates is energizing, and our vast network of collaborators will allow us to continue delivering innovative architecture and design solutions to existing and new clients.”

Architecture Design Collaborative is based in Irvine, California and is currently servicing clients in Atlanta, Chicago, Colorado, Florida and Los Angeles. Craig Chinn, founder of Architecture Design Collaborative, was previously an associate principal leading national retail efforts at KTGY in Irvine, California. During his time at KTGY, Chinn along with his current team, was instrumental in designing and developing the Mobile Design Studio, a unique on-site communication and collaboration tool that allows the team to work effectively and efficiently anywhere in the nation. The firm will continue development and use of this ‘design lab’ concept in order to offer and support clients with on-site collaboration and review of projects, resulting in fast, accurate decision-making.

About Architecture Design Collaborative

Architecture Design Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary architectural and interior design firm, specializes in retail, commercial, and residential projects and serves companies nationwide. Collectively the team brings a wide-range of expertise across many design related disciplines including architecture, interior design, workspace strategy, master and urban planning, and brand strategy.

The Mobile Design Studio, developed by the firm’s team, allows Architecture Design Collaborative to work effectively anywhere in the nation. Based in Irvine, California, Architecture Design Collaborative is made up of an energetic team that has an admiration for the digital as well the built environment; thrives on the spirit of collaboration; and brings a fresh perspective to every project and partnership. For more information visit

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