The architects behind George Lucas' planned Chicago museum unveil 'futuristic pyramid'

Chicago's skyline may be graced with a futuristic, space pyramid.

November 05, 2014 |

Fast Company got an exclusive first glimpse of preliminary designs for George Lucas’ planned museum in Chicago. “It looks like a pyramid from the year 2020,” they wrote.

Business Insider said it looks like something straight out of Star Wars.

The museum, officially called the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, is a $300 million project funded by Lucas himself that will be built on Chicago’s lakefront near the Museum Campus.

Fast Company reporter Mark Wilson sat down with the project’s design leaders—Founder of MAD Architecs, Ma Yansong; President of Lucas Holdings, Angelo Garcia; and CEO of VOA, Mike Toolis—to get an inside scoop of Lucas’ long-awaited project.

Fast Company has the full story.


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