Is Apple's new iPad Pro a game changer for architects?

A stylus, split screen, and improved graphics make designing on the tablet easier.

September 14, 2015 |
Apple Pencil, technology, Architects

Apple promises unprecedented precision for its new stylus. Photo courtesy Apple

Steve Jobs said during an iOS 4 press event in 2010 that if Apple were to ever release a stylus, “they blew it.”

But Tim Cook has other plans, and the tech giant recently unveiled its new product, The Apple Pencil, that will accompany the new iPad Pro. ArchDaily thinks this new apple gadget will become a “game changer” for architects. The Apple Pencil’s reported precision is a crucial addition for designers that use the iPad.

Moreover, the ability to use multiple apps simultaneously is made possible by split-screen support that will come with iOS 9.

“When taking a design from concept to completion, architects usually need to use a number of programs with different capabilities, transferring work and ideas over from the previous iteration of the design,” ArchDaily reports.

Improved graphics and new applications by Adobe are more reasons why the iPad Pro could be a game changer for architects.

Read the full story at ArchDaily.

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