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Tracing Paper Lite

June 04, 2012

Tracing Paper is a universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you practice and improve your sketching skills by giving you a blank translucent canvas with a clean and simple grid on which you can trace anything you wish as often as you like.

After choosing a photo from your library you can adjust its size, location and rotation under the canvas using your fingers to pinch to zoom and one finger to drag it around, then you simply trace and shade whatever you wish using your finger. If you make a mistake simply choose the eraser tool and erase (also, you can use the eraser creatively to add details to your trace), or if you want more accuracy, there is undo/redo support. For those hard to see details zoom or pan the canvas in for further detail by simply pinching the canvas or using two fingers and dragging to move. For those details where we want the colors to really pop there is now support for coloring and changing the pencil size to draw larger or smaller details as needed. The grid is fully customizable so you can change its size, translucency or even turn it off. +

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