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Alliance yields more accurate data for rating and certifying systems of construction materials

Crosswalk API offers trusted format to specify and procure healthier products.

February 08, 2021 |

Courtesy Pixabay

HPD Collaborative (HPDC) and Construction Information Network (CIN) have formed a product alliance to dispense more accurate and reliable classification of products with data from HPD reports.

HPDC and CSI are integrating the Crosswalk API into the HPD Builder v2.2, which includes baseline data that feeds into all certification and rating systems. This new alliance aims to provide architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and building owners with consistent, accurate data that feeds into the rating, grading, and certification systems of materials used in the built environment.

The Crosswalk platform is an API that connects construction industry standards and classifications, including CSI’s MasterFormat, Uniformat, and OmniClass, and ASTM’s E1557-09(2020)e1 with construction technology platforms and data flows. Prior to this alliance, manufacturers created a Health Product Declaration (HPD) by providing their products’ classification codes into the HPD Builder, a software tool for entering data, performing hazard screening, and formatting reports to be consistent with the HPD Open Standard.

With this new alliance, manufacturers now access the Crosswalk platform directly from HPD Builder. This ensures their product classification data is entered in a structured format, providing consistency, and avoiding inaccuracies, while dramatically reducing time spent on researching the material ingredients of building products, according to a news release.

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