AIA study evaluates LEED, Green Globes

May 02, 2008 |

The American Institute of Architects has released the results of a late-2007 study that assesses the effectiveness of three green building rating systems in meeting AIA’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality in buildings by 2030. The study looked at the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes program, the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED NC 2.2 system, and the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment’s SBTool 07. Key findings include:

• When Green Globes is used to certify a project, more stringent and specific requirements in the areas of energy reduction and operational performance are needed, as these are the two areas that most influence carbon production.

• Continued developments in life cycle assessment and requirements for renewable energy and carbon reduction targets for certified projects will continue to make LEED an effective resource for architects.

• The SBTool 07 would be stronger if there was an increase in the number of “required” items versus those that are simply “encouraged.”

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