AIA revises architect scope documents in latest contract form release

Design-bid-build forms last updated in 2007.

October 30, 2017 |

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has released the second part of the 2017 edition of the A201 design-bid-build family of documents.

The contract forms are updated once every 10 years. This release includes updated versions of the Architect Scope documents and many frequently-used AIA forms. “We revised several of our most frequently used project forms, in part to coordinate them with other recently revised documents, but also to make them more efficient and user-friendly,” says Mike Koger, AIA, Esq., Manager and Counsel of AIA Contract Documents.

The updates include provisions related to things that go beyond basic architectural services. These “extra” services have become more prevalent in the industry in recent years and the updated documents include extensively revised architect scope documents to reflect this trend.

Major changes to Architect Scope documents include items related to:

  • Site Evaluation and Project Feasibility Services
  • Historic Preservation Services
  • On-Site Project Representation Services
  • Facility Support Services
  • Commissioning Services


Notable form changes include:

  • Certificate of Substantial Completion. Reorganized so the architect can sign the form, and include the date of substantial completion, immediately after the description of the work the architect is certifying.
  • Notice of Additional Services. Updated to allow an architect to satisfy the additional services notice requirements included in B101-2017, B103-2017, and B104-2017.
  • Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement. Revised to simplify the process to amend owner/architect agreements when additional services are not contemplated as part of the amendment. For such amendments, the owner and architect need only to describe the amendment, indicate changes to the architect’s compensation and schedule, and execute G802-2017 according to the underlying owner/architect agreement.


Visit for more information. Comparative versions showing the differences between the 2017 and 2007 editions are also available at

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