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BIM and IT are subject matter that every member of the building team should have some kind of handle on, and that everyone can derive some benefit from. Whether it’s an app to help with cost control or an optimized building design achieved through BIM, these technologies can bring your projects to the next level and beyond.

Building Technology | May 5, 2017

Tips for designing and building with bathroom pods

Advancements in building technology and ongoing concerns about labor shortages make prefabrication options such as bathrooms pods primed for an awakening.

BIM and Information Technology | Clark Nexsen | Apr 24, 2017

Reconciling design energy models with real world results

Clark Nexsen’s Brian Turner explores the benefits and challenges of energy modeling and discusses how design firms can implement standards for the highest possible accuracy.

BIM and Information Technology | CannonDesign | Apr 17, 2017

BIM: What do owners want?

Now more than ever, owners are becoming extremely focused on leveraging BIM to deliver their projects.

Sustainable Design and Construction | Apr 5, 2017

A new app brings precision to designing a building for higher performance

PlanIt Impact's sustainability scoring is based on myriad government and research data.

BIM and Information Technology | Mar 28, 2017

Digital tools accelerated the design and renovation of one contractor’s new office building

One shortcut: sending shop drawings created from laser scans directly to a wood panel fabricator.

BIM and Information Technology | Mar 13, 2017

Real-time, high-speed scanning – The latest in reality capture

Here are a few new reality capture products and platforms that caught our eye.

BIM and Information Technology | Mar 10, 2017

'Reality modeling' arrives

Advanced reality capture technologies are breaking down the barriers between the job site and project models.

BIM and Information Technology | Feb 6, 2017

BIM for O+M: Less about the model, more about the data

How one Building Team is giving a university client what its facilities staff really wants from BIM: information, please.

Codes and Standards | Jan 13, 2017

New BIM guide for owners released

National Institute of Building Sciences releases a manual for developing standard set of BIM documents.

Designers | Stantec | Jan 13, 2017

The mind’s eye: Five thoughts on cognitive neuroscience and designing spaces

Measuring how the human mind responds to buildings could improve design.

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