BIM and IT are subject matter that every member of the building team should have some kind of handle on, and that everyone can derive some benefit from. Whether it’s an app to help with cost control or an optimized building design achieved through BIM, these technologies can bring your projects to the next level and beyond.

BIM and Information Technology | SmithGroup May 26, 2015

Moore's Law and the future of urban design

SmithGroupJJR's Stephen Conschafter, urban designer and planner, discusses his thoughts on the 50th anniversary of Moore's Law and how technology is transforming urban design.

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog May 21, 2015

How AEC firms should approach BIM training

CASE Founding Partner Steve Sanderson talks about the current state of software training in the AEC industry and common pitfalls in AEC training.

BIM and Information Technology | May 13, 2015

5 smart tech trends transforming the job site

RFID labor tracking, 360 cameras, and advanced video tools are among the tech innovations that show promise for the commercial construction industry.

BIM and Information Technology | CASE blog May 10, 2015

How beacons will change architecture

Indoor positioning is right around the corner. Here is why it matters.

BIM and Information Technology | Apr 29, 2015

Self-piloting drone maps out construction sites in Pennsylvania

The system comes with a real-time portal for immediate access to collected data.

BIM and Information Technology | Apr 27, 2015

The construction industry isn't rushing to hop onto the cloud: study

A new poll finds that nearly half of companies aren't planning to shift to cloud-based software to collaborate any time soon.

BIM and Information Technology | Gensler Apr 21, 2015

Software tools shouldn't dictate the AEC process

With over 200 solutions on the market, construction software is one of the most complex and fragmented markets, writes Gensler's Mark Thole.

BIM and Information Technology | Apr 9, 2015

A carboard box by Google can bring virtual reality to architecture

The global search engine giant has launched a new product, Google Cardboard, that easily allows users to experience virtual reality.

BIM and Information Technology | SRG Partnership Apr 9, 2015

How one team solved a tricky daylighting problem with BIM/VDC tools, iterative design

SRG Partnership's Scott Mooney describes how Grasshopper, Diva, Rhino, and 3D printing were utilized to optimize a daylighting scheme at Oregon State University's new academic building.

BIM and Information Technology | Apr 3, 2015

French startup develops drone camera that overlays video with 3D images

The new drones can capture video and overlay the shot results with 3D images and augmented reality remotely.

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