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AEC Innovators

Meet BD+C's 2023 AEC Innovators

More than ever, AEC firms and their suppliers are wedding innovation with corporate responsibility. How they are addressing climate change usually gets the headlines. But as the following articles in our AEC Innovators package chronicle, companies are attempting to make an impact as well on the integrity of their supply chains, the reduction of construction waste, and answering calls for more affordable housing and homeless shelters. As often as not, these companies are partnering with municipalities and nonprofit interest groups to help guide their production.

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Smart Buildings | Oct 26, 2020

World’s first smart building assessment and rating program released

The SPIRE Smart Building Program will help building owners and operators make better investment decisions, improve tenant satisfaction, and increase asset value.

Smart Buildings | VIATechnik | Oct 1, 2020

Smart buildings stand on good data

The coming disruption of owning and operating a building and how to stay ahead through BIM.

University Buildings | Jun 3, 2020

Renovation can turn older university buildings into high-performing labs

David Miller of BSALifeStructures offers technical advice on renovation of college and university laboratories and scientific research facilities.

Green | Mar 9, 2020

BuroHappold commits to all new building projects achieving net-zero carbon by 2030

The engineering firm also launched a long-term partnership with ILFI.

AEC Innovators | VIATechnik | Mar 5, 2020

These 17 women are changing the face of construction

During this Women in Construction Week, we shine a spotlight on 17 female leaders in design, construction, and real estate to spur an important conversation of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment.

AEC Innovators | Aug 27, 2019

7 AEC industry disruptors and their groundbreaking achievements

From building prefab factories in the sky to incubating the next generation of AEC tech startups, our 2019 class of AEC Innovators demonstrates that the industry is poised for a shakeup. Meet BD+C’s 2019 AEC Innovators.

AEC Innovators | Aug 27, 2019

How engineering giant BuroHappold democratizes tech innovation

The firm's Computational Collective initiative presents employees with “a different way of thinking and working.” 

AEC Innovators | Aug 26, 2019

Clayco seeks the cutting edge as a competitive advantage

Innovation has been in Clayco’s DNA since this general contractor was founded in 1984.

AEC Innovators | Aug 15, 2019

Oracle’s replica of a construction jobsite creates an immersive environment for AEC professionals

The Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab allows visitors to walk through five different stages of construction work, to test new AEC technologies and training techniques.

AEC Innovators | Aug 13, 2019

Stacking the deck: Marriott International embraces modular construction

The hotel giant has more than 50 projects in the works that incorporate prefab guestrooms or bathrooms.

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