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7 tile trends for 2013: Touch-sensitive glazes, metallic tones among top styles

Ceramic tile expert Ryan Fasan presents his top trends for tile in 2013

May 21, 2013 |

Tile of Spain consultant and ceramic tile expert Ryan Fasan presented his "What's Trending in Tile" roundup at the Coverings 2013 show in Atlanta earlier this month. His trends range from high-tech products that incorporate nanotechnology to tile with depth and movement.

Here's an overview of Fasan's emerging tile trends for 2013 (via Tile of Spain's Pinterest page):






1. Tile goes high-tech

The integration of photo luminescence and home automation into tile, touch sensitive glazes, nano technology that makes tile warm to the touch, and tiles that clean the air with biomimetics.

2. Depth and movement

No longer are tiles just flat on the wall or floor. They have depth and movement to them.



3. Metallic tones

Metallic tones and highlights make an impact in tile designs.



4. Worn and well-loved look

This includes the look of reclaimed wood



5. "Chilled out" colors



6. A kaleidoscope of contrast



7. Vintage is in


For more, including a Prezi presentation by Fasan, visit:

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