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5 new designs unveiled for Make It Right homes at Fort Peck, Mont.

More than 600 out of the 6,000 people living on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation are on a waiting list for housing. 

June 23, 2014 |
Method Homes' home design for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

Make It Right, Brad Pitt's foundation that builds homes for people in need, has just revealed five new designs for the Fort Peck (Mont.) Indian Reservation.

The organization plans to build 20 three- and four-bedroom homes on the reservation in the short-term. In the long term, a sustainable master plan for the entire 3,300-square-mile reservation is in the works, Arch Daily reports.

The designs come from GRAFT, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative, Architecture for Humanity, Method Homes, and Living Homes, and were created with direction from the Fort Peck community. All homes are to be built to the standard of LEED Platinum certification. 

More than 600 out of the 6,000 people living on the Fort Peck Reservation are on a waiting list for housing. Make It Right's homes will be available to those at or below 60% of the area's median income. 



Rendering credit: GRAFT
“One of the most fascinating aspects of working with Make It Right is the real collaboration with the community. This kind of relationship with the community is the real success of Make It Right projects.” - Christoph Korner, founding partner, GRAFT

Architecture for Humanity

Rendering credit: Architecture for Humanity
“We are enthusiastic about these home designs that reflect traditional life ways while exemplifying deep green public-impact architecture.” - Nathaniel Corum, architect, Architecture for Humanity

Method Homes

Rendering credit: Method Homes
“The community engagement in the design process and overall mission of creating a holistically sustainable community have been inspiring to witness.” - Brian Abramson, co-founder, Method Homes

Living Homes

Rendering credit: Living Homes
“We believe Make It Right’s Fort Peck project will set a standard for sustainable community development.” - Steve Glenn, founder, Living Homes

Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative

Rendering credit: Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative
“As a tribal designer working in Indian Country, I feel we have an obligation to design and build housing that is tied to the culture, community and place of Fort Peck.” - Joseph Kunkel, architect, Sustainable Native Communities Collaborative
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