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2021 Reconstruction Awards 'How to Win' Tip Sheet

Keep this tip sheet handy when preparing your Reconstruction Awards entry, as these are some items on which your project will be judged.

March 12, 2021 |



Unusual owner/client requirements

Inventive use of materials, products, or systems

Structural engineering solutions

M/E/P innovations, fresh approaches

Energy/environment breakthroughs

Sustainable design, green bldg. design, LEED

Craftsmanship, detailing, elegance of execution

Use of innovative technology, methods, tools

Cost/budget issues – and evidence of resolution

Overall design & construction quality

Security issues, unusual approaches, results

Social or cultural relevance of project

Other measures of success (jobs, neighhood renewal, etc.)

Innovative construction methods, approaches

Unusual scheduling issues, timing demands, and solutions

Metrics of satisfaction (energy savings, $$$, etc.)

Project complexity – Was it challenging? In what way?

SUMMARY: Did this project push the envelope? How?



Involvement of surrounding community, neighbors, affected stakeholders

Involvement of public officials, public agencies

Attention to surrounding environment, historic areas, community sensitivities

Attention to environmental issues: wetlands, open space, recreation areas, etc.

Overcoming unanticipated changes in the program

Overcoming natural disaster (flood, hurricane), man-made disaster (loss of power supply), materials shortages

Unusual solutions to budget restrictions

Unusual solutions to keep project schedule on time

Special social or cultural relevance of project

SUMMARY: Did the project perform a public good?

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